This is day Seven of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

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The Fast Forward Plan with Slimming World – Thursday 17 February 2022

Starting weight: 86.2


  • One 86.2
  • Two 85.8
  • Three 85.4
  • Four 84.8
  • Five 85.2
  • Six 84.8
  • Seven 84.8

Total loss: 1.4 kg. It’s still going down.


Winning at Fast Forward

I made it. At last, it was a long seven days with a stringent diet. My eventual weight loss was 1.4 kg. I am thrilled, but I didn’t meet my 3kg weight loss, but it means that I am much nearer to my end goal of 70 kg within a week. 

I am looking forward to going back to the regular Slimming World Food Optimising plan. Not having to weigh food and count units. Now I have to make sure I don’t put any weight on. I am not going mad at my free foods as I think the next week will be more critical than the Fast Forward Plan week.  

Would I do the The Fast Forward Plan with Slimming World again?

Yes, I think that is maybe worth doing every few months. Not because I want the massive weight loss, but it reminded me about Food Optimising and that the choice is in my hands. I will not preach, as it was hard. Family mealtimes were difficult, and Saturday treat night was difficult for everyone.

I don’t think it’s a plan that should be used all the time; the calorie intake is low. Slimming World says this is the last resort plan. I can’t see why. Consultants use other tools if you are struggling to lose weight. For example:

  • Food diaries
  • Individual consultation with your consultant, 
  • Extra easy SP, 
  • For and against lists.  
  • Self Sabotage

However, this plan is a helpful booster for those who need it. It should be kept in the back cupboard under a large box and padlocked. It is just another valuable tool to help kick-start your weight loss journey once you get stuck. You will need the same motivation you had when you first started your Slimming World journey. It is useful and it has its place, and it works as a short-term fix for a quick boost of weight loss. I know that it’s NOT food optimising, which is probably why Slimming World doesn’t want to discuss it a great deal. It will make you appreciate the plan again, get you to reread the books, and start to plan your meals.

What has this plan taught you?

It has shown me I don’t always count my syns. I am eating more significant portions and need to keep them in check.

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