This is day Six of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

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Wednesday 16 February 2022

Starting weight on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan: 86.2

Days on the Fast Forward plan

  • One 86.2
  • Two 85.8
  • Three 85.4
  • Four 84.8
  • Five 85.2
  • Six 84.8

Struggling today

I am struggling to stay on the Plan today, as the food selection is limited. Even though I’m eating healthy, the meals feel monotonous, and with yesterday’s gain, I do not see the results I want. I am tempted to give up, but I only have tomorrow left. However, after finishing the Fast Forward, I am now looking to spice up my “food optimising” and make it more exciting.

Slimming World Fast Forward Plan day 6

While the food selection is limited, I have to remind myself that the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan is meant to re-start my weight loss. After finishing the plan, I know I can add more variety to my diet. There are plenty of healthy and delicious recipes available. I have been a member for a long time and have ALL the recipe books. I know that adding in these recipes will make my diet more exciting, but I will also lose weight at the same time. As I mentioned above, I won’t give up on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan – but use it as a fresh starting point to help me reach my ultimate weight loss goals.

Day 6 of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

As you can see, I am feeling a little despondent today. The weight has come down again. The plan is hard work. I look at the family’s food and feel a little envious. However, I also hear that Bliss bar yelling at me in the cupboard. I know I need to lose weight, but it should be easier than this. The sad bit is that it will be a lifelong battle once I get to my target weight. But I will keep going – I know this is worth it!

It seems so sad that I have to keep watching what I eat so that I won’t put on so much weight. The real question is, why is the way we look so important? Why are we judged on our physical appearance? Our outward appearance shouldn’t be as important as the person we are inside. When I weighed more, people thought I was stupid. As I was losing weight, that attitude changed.

In conclusion, I know that one of the most important things I can find is a healthy and sustainable diet for weight loss. The Plan may be restrictive with food selection, but this is only meant to be a temporary measure. Once I have finished the the next two days, I will add more variety to my diet. This will mean that the plan I follow should not be too restrictive, as this will make it challenging to stick to in the long run. Roll on tomorrow and weigh in.

I am looking forward to going back to the more extensive selection of “Food Optimising”. I never thought I would miss it.