This is day Five of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

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Slimming World – Tuesday 15 February 2022

Starting weight on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan: 86.2


  • One 86.2
  • Two 85.8
  • Three 85.4
  • Four 84.8
  • Five 85.2

Gutted, absolutely gutted, that is the only explanation I can give today. I got on the scales, expecting the scales to read 84.4. Following on from my 0.4 weight loss. the scales read new show 85.2 kg. Ordinarily, I would be still thrilled because I had lost weight. However, I was expecting it to be 84.4. In my mind, I put on. If you expect to lose weight and don’t lose, it’s devastating. So now I’ve got to tell my mind somehow not to worry and continue with this slimming or fast forward plan.

I know you should never weigh yourself every day. There are very few slimmers who do not weigh themselves every day. For me, I have a small ritual when I weigh. It’s got to be first thing in the morning after I’ve been to the loo, with nothing on and before I have my morning coffee.

My treats

Day 5 Slimming World Fast Forward Plan

I don’t want to say that I live for my treats. But it has to be said that I look forward to my treats. When I am Slimming World regular plan, I save all my syn for the evening, which is my danger zone. I will sit with two Hi-Fi bars, one bliss bar, three syns and a small packet of crisps, five syns or a 25g or Aldi chocolate seven syns.

However, you don’t have 15 syns to play with on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan. The plan uses a point-based system. Depending on where you are with your weight loss journey, you are allocated several units to have each day. The units range from 18 to 23. I am in 21 units. The treats are called snacks in The Fast Forward Plan. The values are only 1 or 2 units. For example

  • One sachet Cadbury Highlight Chocolate Drink – 1 unit
  • 150 ml of gravy, made from granules with water – 1 unit
  • One medium banana – 2 units
  • Two slices of wholemeal bread (400g loaf) – 2 units

I miss my treats. My syns plate is no longer filled with the lovely goodies. Instead I have one Cadbury Highlight Chocolate Drink and a packet of skips crisps. I should use the syns smarter. Therefore I don’t need to fixate on chocolate and sweeties. I have come to the conclusion that the issue with the regular Slimming World eating plan and syns is I use mine for sugar treats.

An New Breakfast

I love my new breakfast of poached egg on bread. On the regular Slimming Plan, I can use the bread as my healthy extra, and the eggs are free. The Slimming World Fast Forward Plan is a secret ploy to get you to look back at your habits of food optimising and see where you are making mistakes, with a helpful hint on how much weight you could lose if you kept to plan. I think my consultant may be very cunning.

What have I learnt about being on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan so far?

Finally, I have just figured it out! I have a sweet tooth, and I like chocolate, biscuits, and ice cream. However, they are all full of sugar. It’s all about the sugar! Somehow, I must get it in my head that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t eat chocolate. I am not missing out and not being deprived. It is a sugar addiction, just like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or drugs.