This is day Four of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

This is day Four of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

Slimming World Fast Forward Plan – Monday 14 February 2022

Starting weight on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan: 86.2


  • One 86.2
  • Two 85.8
  • Three 85.4
  • Four 84.8

Total loss: 1.4 kg. – Yea, another weight loss.

This is day four of my Slimming World Fast Forward Plan.

I have found a fantastic breakfast on the Slimming World Fast Forward Plan. I missed the option when I first glanced at the book the first time.

  • Two small slices of wholemeal bread (400g loaf), toasted,
  • Topped with two poached eggs.

There had to be one swap, gluten-free bread, and I didn’t toast the bread. I’m not too fond of soggy toast. But it is filling and keeps me going until lunchtime.

Today is looking much better than the weekend. For lunch, I had a salad followed by a Muller Light yoghurt. One of my favourite yoghurts, and it’s gluten-free. I am at work, so I don’t have a lot of free time to think about what I am not eating. Time vanishes when at work. Our evening meal will be a second helping of roast chicken. Me cutting back on the amount of chicken means we get two roasts. How wonderful!

I am thrilled that I am now 84.8 kg. I am certainly on target to get that 3 kg loss I want. When I was getting dressed this morning, I took one of my favourite dresses out of the cupboard and tried it on. Last week I couldn’t do the button up over my chest. Today I could do the buttons up. Yes, there was a little gap, but I could wear it if I used a safety pin. I am not going to, as I don’t want to have that kind of aid. My summer wardrobe may be a lot bigger than last year.

A Leap of Faith

I gave away all my sizes 48/50 (the UK sizes 20/22) clothes. It was so nice to hand them over to someone who needed them. It was, however, one of the most complex decisions I have had to make. You always have in the back of your head. What if I need them again? Once they are gone, I can’t get to them. I hope that this will mean that I will never have to buy that size again. Your old clothes are like a warm cosy blanket you can snuggle in and hide your weight. You know they are too big to look awful, but it’s what you are used to wearing and having learned to hide.

I do have a suit I would love to wear. I repurchased it in 1992; it is a size 44 (UK size 16) that was always snug. I can get the skirt over my hips but can’t quite do the buttons up. Every step helps.

It’s me, Jackie

It’s me, Jackie

If you are reading this, then you have probably never heard of me and just stumbled across this site. Alternatively you may have heard about this site, either way welcome.

My name is Jackie and this website is used as a bit or relief where I will vent, moan, celebrate and just be me.

I live in a small town in Oxfordshire and nothing really happens here. It’s one of those towns where you have to leave to do anything. Commonly know as a dormitory town. This was big news in the town, a traffic jam. It lasted a total of 5 minutes. The bus stopped for a few extra minutes.

I have been here since 2016 and know just as many people as when I first arrived. This is not to say the people of the town are not friendly but when you get to a certain age it becomes harder to make good close friends. I have acquaintances that I can go out for tea, coffee and a drink in a pub but nothing more than that.

This makes me sound really sad, but I’m not. I just want a little more in my life. What Covid has shown me is that I live a very small life, and I don’t want to live a small life. I want to live a big life and enjoy every moment. I want to look back on my life and say I was a little naughty, I was a little good, loyal but on the whole fun.