Are we Unique?

by Feb 20, 2022Jackies Life0 comments

Are we unique? I would love to say yes, but doing a quick Facebook search on my name, a dozen other Facebook accounts appear with my name. So, if we accept that other people have our name, does that stop us from being unique?

It feels like an exam question. Do we first describe what being unique is? Why being unique is essential to our lives? Somewhere in the world, we all have a doppelgänger, so physically, we may not be as physically unique as we would like to think.

I have to be honest; there are very few things I have done in my life that I have done on my own. I have shared experiences joining classes or groups of people doing something. My experience is, therefore, not unique.

Does this mean that our expertise makes us unique? I would say that I am not an expert in anything important; this is not to say I am useless. I am not.

Where am I Unique?

At last, I have found something where I am unique; it’s my DNA. No one else has my DNA. I am not an identical twin and, therefore, unique.

Why am I rambling on about being Unique?

I have just finished watching a TV show about plastic surgery, and it breaks my heart to see all these women and some men going under the knife. Injecting chemicals into their bodies and convinced that this procedure is safe and necessary. They all have the same story, and I will be happy when.

Why not be happy now. Plastic surgery does have its place, those who have had cancer, been in an accident or other such issues. What breaks my heart is the young girls of 20 who want to have bigger breasts, bigger lips or no wrinkles.

It appears that many of these young people are worried about how they look. This is referred to as body dysmorphia. This is when you look at your body and see flaws. These flaws become ingrained and start to grow in the person’s mind until they are all-encompassing.

What is the solution?

Are we all putting to much pressure on young women to look a certain way? The sad thing is that all the procedures these young ladies undergo make them all look identical.

Maybe as older women, we need to teach our young girls that physical beauty is not as important as inner beauty. Being kind to yourself, forgiving yourself and loving yourself.